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We’re currently hiring AI Safety and Biosecurity specialists. Join us to help shape the future of the world’s most important technologies.

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AI Safety Fundamentals

Mitigating potential risks from advanced artificial intelligence

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Biosecurity Fundamentals

Preventing, detecting and defending against catastrophic pandemics

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About BlueDot Impact

Over the past decade, numerous world-changing technologies, such as generative AI models and CRISPR gene editing tools, have been developed. We believe the rate of technological development will continue at a rapid pace, with the potential to create an amazing future for all of humankind, and the potential to cause catastrophic harm to our civilisation.

The global community needs a significantly more capable and well-resourced workforce to collaboratively steer the development of emerging technologies for the benefit of all, and to mitigate and respond to emerging catastrophic threats. Few concerted efforts exist to develop or coordinate this global capability. While thousands of highly skilled and motivated people are interested in working on these issues, many don’t yet have the support, awareness or self-belief required to contribute or take a leap with their careers.

We’re focused on building courses that provide a high-quality learning experience, an engaging and empowering community, and the motivation and strategic context required to take action to solve globally pressing issues.

Knowledge: Our courses present the fundamental arguments within our focus areas, developed in collaboration with global experts. 

Skills: Projects that participants do on the course give them practical experience and allow them to take their first steps to contributing to the field.

Connections: We curate communities of engaged, talented individuals who collaborate and build relationships that benefit them throughout their careers.

Our story

BlueDot Impact was founded in August 2022 in Cambridge, UK, and grew out of a non-profit focused on supporting students at the University of Cambridge to pursue high-impact careers. Our courses quickly gained traction, and we realised that many of the challenges facing students at the university were also faced by students and professionals worldwide. Over 2,000 people have engaged with our courses thus far, from most countries in the world, and we’re really excited to continue to support people to use their careers to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

To learn more about our company’s story, check out this podcast interview with Dewi, one of our founding team members, on the challenges he faced trying to identify ways to contribute to solving globally pressing issues, and how these inspired the creation of our earliest courses.


Adam Jones
AI Safety
Dewi Erwan
Li-Lian Ang
Luke Drago
AI Governance
Will Saunter


Carl Sagan
Many of the dangers we face indeed arise from science and technology—but, more fundamentally, because we have become powerful without becoming commensurately wise. The world-altering powers that technology has delivered into our hands now require a degree of consideration and foresight that has never before been asked of us.
Carl Sagan
Margaret Mead
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

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