Running versions of our courses

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We’re thrilled you’re excited to run an independent version of our course! We’re BlueDot Impact, the team behind AI Safety Fundamentals and Biosecurity Fundamentals.

It’s great when friends, workplace groups, student societies and other local organizations run versions of our courses. This helps further our mission of accelerating driven individuals to develop the knowledge, skills and connections needed to have a significant positive impact.

To support this, you can share and adapt our course materials including resource lists, exercises, sample answers and session plans, provided that you:

  • Brand it distinctly: Market the course in a way that it’s clear who’s running the course. Don’t use our names like “AI Safety Fundamentals” or “BlueDot Impact” in a way that could confuse people as to who is offering the course.
  • Give appropriate credit: When presenting these materials, please give credit to the source, for example “AI Safety Fundamentals” or “BlueDot Impact”.
  • Don’t resell our courses: You’re welcome to use our courses in commercial settings, such as employee training programs or workplace interest groups. However, don’t just directly resell our course materials or similar derivatives, or sell facilitated versions of either.
  • Don’t hold us liable for errors: While we try our best to ensure the accuracy and relevancy of our course materials, they’re provided solely on an “as is” basis, without warranty of any kind.

Note that we don’t own many of linked-to resources themselves, so you might need permission from their original owners if you want to copy them.



Here’s an example of how you might market your course, following the guidelines above:


Calling all students interested in the future of AI safety and alignment! 🤖

The Greendale Community College AI Society is excited to be hosting a AI alignment course this semester, based on the popular AI Safety Fundamentals courses developed by BlueDot Impact.

We’ll be following their curriculum, available online here. You should do the readings and exercises beforehand, and then each week we’ll host a facilitated session adapted for our university setting.

The sessions will run every Wednesday from 6-8pm in Group Study Room F starting on 17 September. To join the seminar series, RSVP at

If you have any other questions, email Looking forward to some fascinating discussions! 🙂


Examples of things that would not be okay:

  • “GCC AI Society is launching a round of the AI Safety Fundamentals course”.
  • “We’re running the AI Safety Fundamentals course in Greendale, Colorado”.
  • “Apply to AI Safety Fundamentals”, linking to your version of the course.
  • “Run in collaboration with BlueDot Impact”, unless we’ve explicitly agreed this.
  • Issuing certificates “for completing the AI Safety Fundamentals course”. But it’s fine to issue certificates “for completing GCC AI Society’s AI Alignment course, based on the AI Safety Fundamentals curriculum”.

This similarly applies to the names AISF, AGISF, AGI Safety Fundamentals, Biosecurity Fundamentals. We’re fine with people using the generic course names: AI alignment, AI governance, and pandemics.



Can local groups get copies of the session plan documents?

Yes! Check the course webpages for a link to them. If missing (we haven’t uploaded all of them yet) please get in touch and we’ll send you the latest copy.

Can local groups use BlueDot’s infrastructure for running courses?

Local groups are welcome to direct users to the public curriculums on our course hub to track reading completions and exercises.

If you are running a program with more than 100 participants AND you have software engineering experience, we may be able to share some tools (e.g. for collecting time availabilities and cohort scheduling) and our existing documentation. We won’t be able to provide technical support beyond this.

Unfortunately at this time we don’t have the capacity to support most other asks for support we receive.

Can you train our local group facilitator?

The resources and exercises for our facilitator training course are available online for self-study. We may be able to invite people to the corresponding live sessions – if interested please get in touch.

I’m planning to run a local group / previously participated in a local group run version. Could I join the BlueDot facilitated course?

Yes, please apply in the normal way and mention this in your application. Note that this does not guarantee you a place on our course.


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!

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