Applications closed: Biosecurity Teaching Fellow

Support global decision-makers to build a pandemic-proof future


We are currently evaluating applications for this position and not accepting new applications.

Who we are

We’re focused on helping people create a better future for humanity. We do this by designing and running courses on some of the world’s most pressing problems, and providing engaging and action-guiding experiences for individuals and organisations that want to make a positive difference.

BlueDot Impact was founded in August 2022 in Cambridge, UK, and grew out of a non-profit supporting students at the University of Cambridge to pursue high-impact careers. Our courses quickly gained traction, as many of the challenges facing students at the university were also faced by students and professionals worldwide. To learn more about our company’s story, check out this podcast interview with Dewi, one of our founding team members.

We currently run the world’s largest courses on AI Safety, with a graduate community of over 2,000 individuals working in all the major AI companies, top universities and governments. The course is widely regarded as the go-to location to learn about AI Alignment, and the AI Safety Fundamentals website has over 10,000 unique visitors each month. We are keen to use these capabilities to benefit the biosecurity field as we do AI Safety.

We have run a successful pilot of the Biosecurity Fundamentals: Pandemics Course, with over 100 medical, public health and synthetic biology experts from across the world. We are excited for you to take this success to the next level in empowering thousands of people a build a pandemic-proof world in an age of rapidly advancing AI and synthetic biology capabilities.

What is a Teaching Fellow?

Our course facilitators guide weekly discussion calls with small cohorts of 6-8 students to help them understand the course topics, dig deeper into specific areas of interest and support participants with steps after the course.

Facilitators are typically assigned 1-2 cohorts, but we are launching a new facilitation approach, where some of the facilitators (known as ‘Teaching Fellows’) are on part- to full-time contracts, facilitating more cohorts and are more closely involved with ongoing curriculum and session plan development.

We’ve seen that facilitators who facilitate multiple cohorts tend to:

  • Deliver higher-quality learning experiences
  • Be better equipped to accelerate the impact of their participants after the course
  • Provide more nuanced feedback on the curriculum

We created this role because we are excited to work more closely with facilitators to improve their teaching skills and continuously improve the course material. We believe these improvements will help deliver higher-quality learning experiences to participants and accelerate their impact.

What you’ll do

Teaching Fellows will:

  • Facilitate 5-10 cohorts
  • Work closely with the course designer to improve the curriculum and session plans
  • Offer 1-1 calls with participants to support their learning and actions

Some additional ideas we have in mind include peer-to-peer feedback sessions and mentoring new facilitators. We are excited to shape this role with you and look forward for your suggestions too!

The start date for the first week of facilitator training is May 13, 2024. The fellowship will last 16 weeks.

Time demand will be roughly 15-30 hours per week, depending on the number of cohorts facilitated. All work will be fully remote.

If the initial 16 weeks go well, we’d be open to making this a longer-term role. We aim to run our courses back-to-back, meaning this could be a year-round position.

About you

We are looking for someone who is passionate about supporting the next generation of researchers, policymakers and biosecurity entrepreneurs.

You might be particularly good for this role if you:

  • Previously facilitated a BlueDot Impact course or any other learning experiences using active learning techniques.
  • Have engaged with the materials in our curriculum or have an equivalent level of knowledge in biosecurity.
  • Have experience working in the fields of biosecurity, pandemic preparedness, public health or similar.
  • Feel motivated to improve the quality of learning of your students and support your students in building a pandemic-proof world.

We encourage speculative applications; we expect many strong candidates will not meet all of the criteria listed here.

Location and compensation

This position is fully remote. We accept applications from anywhere in the world and will assign you to a cohort based on your given availability. Our participants are also spread around the world, so having global Teaching Fellows will complement this!

Compensation is based on the number of cohorts you facilitate and will fall in the range of £6,750-£12,600 for each round of the course.

Apply for this role

The application process consists of three stages:

  • Stage 1: Initial application (<20 minutes).
  • Stage 2: Interview (40 mins).
  • Stage 3: Reference checks.

We’re finalising candidates for the next round of the Pandemics course starting on May 13th and we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

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