Community Manager

Work with us to grow and support the 1,500 person AI Safety Fundamentals community.


We are currently evaluating applications for this position and not accepting new applications.

Your responsibilities

Join our team to ignite collaborations and lead new initiatives within our AI Safety Fundamentals community. We have a large and influential graduate community of individuals working in all the major AI labs, top universities and governments, and a big opportunity that we’re excited for you to grasp. You’ll support members to develop valuable relationships, provide and receive feedback and encouragment, and initiate new, impactful collaborations. 

As a Community Manager, you’ll develop relationships with members of our community and will identify and develop ways to provide them with value, you’ll organise regular online events such as expert Q&As and skills workshops that help them progress towards impact, you’ll celebrate and share community successes via community digest emails, and you’ll engage with potential community members by growing our social media presence. You’ll also have the space and autonomy to experiment with other community-building initiatives that you think could lead to impact.

About you

You might be a particularly good fit for this role if you: 

  • Find a lot of joy and motivation in meeting new people, understanding what makes them tick, and providing them with valuable and engaging experiences. 
  • Have organised many in-person or online events which bring mission-driven people together. 
  • Care a lot about attention to detail and building great user experiences, while being open to being scrappy and putting things out into the world quickly. 
  • Have strong IT skills that you can use to develop and analyse community engagement metrics and automate repetitive tasks.
  • Spend a lot of time thinking about social media strategy, and how to generate excitement and engagement for new ideas or projects. 

If you’re interested in this work, we encourage you to apply even if you don’t feel like you meet each requirement presented here; we expect some of the best candidates won’t have all of these requirements. We also encourage you to apply even if you can’t start until later than our preferred start date – let us know in the application if this is the case.

Logistical details

  • Start date: Early 2024, preferably January
  • Salary: £45-70k depending on prior experience
  • Location: In-person in our London office is preferred, though we’ll consider hybrid or remote work in some cases

We are currently evaluating applications for this position and not accepting new applications.

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